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Armati is a set of  rules and lists for Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance wargaming. Written by Arty Conliffe and published by Quantum Printing in 1994. A supplement, Advanced Armati, co-authored by Arty Conliffe and Rob Wolsky was published in1996.

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De Bellis Antiquitatis or DBA (English: Of the Wars of Antiquity) is a fast play set of rules for ancient and medieval wargaming in the period 3000 BC to 1485 AD. These rules allow entire armies to be represented by less than 50 figures. The rules also include a campaign system and over 200 army lists. DBA is produced by the Wargames Reaearch Group, first published in 1990.

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De Bellis Multitudinis (DBM) (English: Of the Wars of the Multitude) is a ruleset for table-top miniatures wargames for the period 3000 BC to 1485 AD. It is aimed primarily at simulating large battles. The rules allow armies to be chosen from published Army Lists using a points system to select roughly equal armies if required.

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Field of Glory is the historical tabletop miniatures gaming system for anyone interested in recreating the battles of Rome, Greece or the Holy Land, among others. This series is intended to give both beginner and expert gamers everything they need to play the battles of ancient and medieval eras on their tabletops. By Simon Hall, Richard Bodley Scott and Terry Shaw. Published by Slitherine Ltd. first in 2008.

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SAGA is a Dark Ages miniatures skirmish rules set by Alexandre Buchel. Each side has between 20 and 70 miniatures, organized into groups of 4-12warriors. Published by Gripping Beast.

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Warrior's origins began when Scott Holder approached Phil Barker in 1999 about acquiring the rights to his WRG "7th Edition" rules which had been released in 1987 and updated by Scott in 1998.  First published by Four Horsemen Enterprises in 1999.

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Warhammer Ancient Battles (often referred to as "WAB" and sometimes Warhammer Historical) is a ruleset for miniatures wargames produced by Games Workshop's Warhammer Historical Wargames imprint. It is a rulebook for historical wargames developed from the popular Warhammer Fantasy Battle by Jervis Johnson, Rick Priestly and the Perry brothers.

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Many other rules sets exist for gaming in this period. With enough following they can be promoted to seperate section as the others on this page.

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